Wednesday Wants

  Weds Wants  

Hey there, blog fans.

This was going to be a normal Wednesday Wants where I’d show you beautiful things I’d found on the internet. However, due to a self imposed spending ban, I didn’t really want to bathe in the temptation invoked by window shopping.

Instead, I thought I’d do a round up of some of the best blogs I’ve read recently and that you should definitely check out.


1. Becky Bedbug

From her “About Me” statement where she reveals her skill as a T-Rex impersonator, you just know that this is going to be a fun read.

She clearly enjoys blogging and this enthusiasm shines through in her writing.

Favourite (recent) Post: I can’t choose!! From book reviews, to product reviews with a brief stop in outfitsville before reaching more serious destinations – there’s something for everyone! Click on her name to learn more about her for yourself.

2. Blue Hair in Belgium

Kerri is a UK expat living in Belgium with her boyfriend and I’m not going to lie, I’ve got a bit of a blogger crush on this lady and her hair.

Her outfits are a constant source of envy and inspiration, as are her food shops. Yeah, you heard me. Her food shops.

Favourite (recent) Post: I really like her Sunday Summaries posts because I’m reeeaaally nosy and like to see what other people are doing. You can check out the latest one here but make sure you read the rest of her blog posts too. There’s a quiz at the end.*

3. Tiny Grey Cat

I’ve never felt like I could describe someone as fierce without sounding like a bit of a knob. Lily, however, is Fierce (note the capital F). She’s an endless source of inspiration, positivity and adorable pictures.

Favourite (recent) Post: Her Friday Favourites are an excellent way to start a weekend. With beautiful photography and even more beautiful hair, you should definitely check her blog out!

4. The Little Nomad

Having lived in Cardiff for 12 years now, I’m ashamed at how little of the cities food establishments I’ve sampled. Luckily, Nina is on hand to help me correct this. Food reviews aside, she provides a colourful mix of fashion and lifestyle posts.

Favourite (recent) Post: Her “10 Reasons to Love the Diff” are brilliant reminders why I fell in love with this city. You can read both posts here and here.

5. She & Life

Run by the absolutely gorgeous Ella, She & Life is a UK Lifestyle blog that covers just about everything. Her blog is well written with outstanding photography. She makes juggling a career, a blog and motherhood look effortless.

Favourite (recent) Post: If you know me, you’ll know my love of teeny tiny dogs. This post, Introducing Bowie, made my heart melt and for me to emit a noise I’m sure only dogs could hear.

Honourable Mention: PJ Montgomery

I’d be a terrible girlfriend not to mention my partners new blog. A freelance writer, his blog chronicles his upcoming projects as well as links to his already established work.

Favourite (recent) Post: As the site is still relatively new, there are only 3 posts to choose from. To make sure that he has more money to buy me shiny things though, I’m gong to plug this one. If you haven’t heard of Stiffs, you really should check it out. It’s really funny. And no, I’m not just saying that.


Whilst writing this, I came across so many blogs that I wanted to talk about. This might very well become a monthly feature so I can share the blogger love. Until then, make sure you check out the above ladies (and man). They really are amazing.

*there is no quiz. I lied.

Laters xx


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants

  1. Porcelina says:

    I’ll be sure to check some of these out, thanks for the tips! I too am on a spending ban, sob sob, but at least I have a few vouchers for emergency shopping urges. Saving money’s really hard!! x

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