Mid-Year Round Up

So, here we are in July. The first half of the year passed in a flash of birthdays, weddings and more than a few sad times. Still, onwards and upwards! Now that there are only *cough* 168 days until Christmas *cough* it’s really time that I cracked on with some of my resolutions.

Let the shaming begin!


 1.Run 5K. Without stopping – I started running but thanks to fallen arches, until I can get some proper insoles this has stalled somewhat.

2. Start to blog once a week & promote it properly – Still on track. I may have even plotted out the rest of the year and started on 2015..

3. Lose ½ stone – I’ve kept off that initial ½ stone and am working towards the next. I’ve started using monthly challenges, the 7 Minute fitness app and recently attended my first Boxercise class!

Read the unread books on my bookshelf – My name is Lisa and I have a book buying addiction. The pile of unread books gets bigger ever month. Whoops

5. Paint the bedroom wall – Still not done, but I have painted the hallway, the bedroom door and the picture rail. I’m off to buy paint on Saturday to finish off the last bits.

6. Buy a car. Very important – Turns out this is more complicated than it was when I bought my last car (11years ago!)

7. Learn to crochet – I might just remove this from the list. I keep trying and am waiting for that “Eureka” moment but it’s just not coming!

8. Pay off my overdraft – This has been put on hold in favour of saving for a car. All money has been diverted to my savings account.

9. Save £1000 – Half way through the year and a very respectable £650 in the fixed interest account.

10. Drink Less alcohol, possibly stop completely. Even if just for a month – this is a regular thing now. I don’t particularly like me when I’m drinking so I choose not to do it.

11. Buy no clothes for 2 months – If I can make it to the end of July, this one can get crossed off!

12.Be able to touch my toes. Without bending my knees – Yay!!

13. Take a break from twitter – A regular occurrence. It’s become a little challenge for me to see how far I can push the time since my last tweet. I’m pretty much just there for Blog chats and Blog promotion now.

14. Clear out my wardrobe. Properly. With no sentimental feelings – Another regular occurrence. Once a month I go through and see if there’s anything else I just don’t wear anymore.

15. Stop being late for work. This one may never get crossed off – yeah, no.

16. Eat only vegetarian meals for one week each month – Done. I’ve started including tofu and salad in my regular diet as well.

17. Ask for help when I need it – I’m definitely better at this. I’ve also started working on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, with the encouragement of my doctor. There’s a blog post on this coming soon.

18. Refresh my German – Currently in the middle of a Duolingo course. It’s a great way to get back in to language learning and has made me realise that I remember a lot more than I thought!

19. Make the garden beautiful and plant all the flower/herb seeds I have stashed in the house – there are flowers EVERYWHERRE! I’m so proud of this. We’ve even finally got a beautiful new fence!

20. See my family and friends more – This is going ok. I’m still meeting up with my bestie as much as I can. I’ve been on days out with some lovely folk and have seen my family quite a lot recently.


Half way through the year and just over half of the list has been crossed off. I’m full of optimism for the second half of this year and can’t wait to see how many more I can get done by December!

 Laters xx


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