All Filler, No killer.


Best. Coke. Bottle. Ever.

I’d love to say that this post is all filler because I was busy, I don’t know, wrestling bears or something. You guys are far too smart to see through that fantastical lie though, so the truth is that life just got in the way and that’s fine. So this post is just a little something to plug the empty void that is “hump day”.

Let’s begin.

First up, 5 things I’ve learnt this week:

– Garnier Micellar Water is good for removing hair dye from your skin. (Very handy for when you Peacock Green hair dye has left you with alien-green skin).

– Push-ups are the work of the devil but I can squat like a pro!

– British weather is crazy. I managed to get sunburnt & caught in a thunder storm within the space of 2hrs.

– It’s possible to hiccup in your sleep. As proved by PJ and his 3am hiccup fit that shook the bed (and he slept right through!)

– It’s near impossible to just “pop in to Primark” without buying anything..

Which leads to.. Things I’ve bought lately:


Mini Primark Haul

(Gremlin Jimjams £6, Skull Notebook £1.50, Owl Candle £2.50)

The weekend also saw a rare date day with the mister. He work nights so we try to make the most of the time we have together. So.. here’s things we’ve done:

Saturday saw us dolled up and off to a matinee performance of Dial M for Murder at the New Theatre.


Up in the cheap seats

The play was fantastic, ignoring some interesting staging choices, and the seats were actually pretty great!

After the theatre we popped to Bill’s for dinner. It was delicious! Sadly, I couldn’t wait to eat it so you don’t get a photo of my goooorgeous Chicken & Chorizo burger. Instead have this photo of the table..


The food was amazing, the staff were super friendly and our bellies were fit to bursting!

And finally..
I’ve been trying to get as much of the garden cleared as possible before a BBQ later this month. Much to my joy, this has meant I’ve met a lot more snaily friends. Yay!


Hope you’ve been enjoying the changeable weather of late! Let me know if you’ve been up to anything exciting in the comments.

Laters xx


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