The #SelfLove Tag

Less giggling, thank you very much! This isn’t about that kind of self love. (admittedly, more thought could have been put in to the name..)


Self Confidence is something that I’ve always battled with and, lately, it’s seemed like even more of an uphill struggle than ever. Turning 30 a few weeks back has made me think about how I see myself and also realise that I still put a lot of emphasis on others opinions of me. Finding grey hairs and getting my first pair of glasses all in the same week definitely didn’t help either.

But, stop. Enough is enough. I’m sick of feeling crappy about myself because of others opinions, which are based entirely on assumptions. Not to sound super cheesy, but it’s time for me to take the power back and that’s what this tag is all about. Realising that, yeah, you are pretty damn special.

On with the questions!!

What’s your favourite thing about your appearance?
Starting off tough, I see. Hmm. I’d probably say my eyes. In the past they’ve been compared to giant chocolate buttons, which is pretty cool.

What do you like about your personality?
I always thought I was pretty laid back about things but events of late have shown otherwise. I’m still pretty unfazed by things that others would find offensive, even if I now have a grumpy streak. My stubborn-ness (thanks dad) is something that I class as a strength and a weakness. It means that if I think something is right, I will defend it to the death. However, I also won’t admit to ever being ill or wrong.. So, swings and roundabouts!

Tell us something you’re good at:
Coasting. I’m not academically minded and it still amazes me that I made it this far in life with GSCEs, A’ Levels, a Degree AND a pretty good job. I’m really not sure how I did that. If there was an award for best faker of confidence, I’d be in with a damn good chance. My bravado has yet to get me in trouble.. yet.

What has been your biggest achievement, over the past 12 months?
Not giving in to the negative thoughts. Linked to the above is my ability to fake a front. I can be crying inside, but you’ll rarely see me without a smile. I’ve been trying to get a lot better at positive thinking and have been looking in to CBT. I’ve also got a bit better about being open with stuff. Although, I still do the “let’s avoid confrontation thing” of only having serious conversations in a public place so I don’t have to face up to my own issues.
What goal are you most likely to achieve this year?
Sadly, these are mostly work-related. I’ve got 2 exams coming up before December, which I kinda need to pass. Other than that, my goal is to just stop giving a shit about the haters (I’m totes ghetto, I know). Seriously, there’s a few people who I let get to me on a regular basis, even though they have no links to my life at all. I just keep letting them in.
Are there any other goals that you think you’ll achieve this year?
Fitness! Since being with my beau, my weight has crept up and I’d like to work it off. I started really well in Feb but then hit a downward spiral and have taken to hibernating instead. We’re planning to go on holiday in September though, so that gives me a goal to work with.

What was the last thing that made you feel good about yourself?
Going in to town by myself and not having an anxiety attack. I hate crowds so this, whilst something people do everyday, was a big thing for me.
Have you noticed any positive changes in yourself recently?
My down mood is slowly starting to lift (hopefully not all the way in to Mania this time though) and I’m feeling a lot better about just going outside and being near people. I’m trying to put myself out there more and build up a little bit of the fun-loving socialite I used to be.
Share something that fits in with the theme of self-love:
For me, these blogs in particular have been such an inspiration in helping me realise that I’m not totally alone. I just wish I could put things in to words as well as these ladies do.
From Lily at Tiny Grey Cat, check out this post.
From Kerri at Blue Hair In Belgium, check out this post (A guest post she did for Becki Explorer)
From Claire at Dainty Ghosts, check out this post.
When was the last time you treated yourself? What did you do, and why?
Well, it has just been pay day.. I’ve ordered a Moon Ring from Cheap Frills and an amazing pair of Tank Girl shoes from Moomoonz. Why? Because why the hell not?! Everyone deserves a treat now and then.
When do you next plan to treat yourself? Any thoughts on what you’re going to do?
I’ve been dealing with a pretty hefty chest infection for a month now (Thanks to my stubborn-ness, I only went to the doctors last Friday – shame on me!) so I’ve put a some time on Sunday for some pampering. We’re talking hot bath, face mask, Bon Ivor on the stereo, the whole nine yards! Bliss.
Give us a tip for improving self-love:
This is always hard as it’s much easier to say something than it is to follow through. It’s a bit of a cop out, but remember, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. If someone who doesn’t really know you, doesn’t like you – screw them! If they don’t want to take the time to know how fabulous you are, then they are not worth your time. We put far too much emphasis on what others think, myself included. In the words of RuPaul: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love someone else”. It’s alright to care about others, but make sure you’re taking care of yourself first.
I’m not tagging anyone as this is something I think every one should take the time to do! Or at least ask themselves the questions. Huge thanks to the fabulous Charlotte at Modicum of Motivation for linking me up to this. You can find her answers here.
Laters xx

2 thoughts on “The #SelfLove Tag

  1. Dan Grosvenor says:

    It sounds like we’re on similar journeys towards inner happiness. We’ll have to compare notes some time. Self love (*giggle*) sounds like a very good idea.
    I have some reading for you:!DUWVN
    I’d be interested to learn how you get on with CBT. I’ve recently started practising Mindfulness Meditation, and have started going along to a depression support group on Tuesday evenings. *Wishes you luck*

  2. bluehairinbelgium says:

    I’m so behind with my blog reading, I’m only just getting to this.
    I had a quick look when you mentioned it but I haven’t had the time to sit and read. Thank you for mentioning me too! :):)
    You seem like your on a good journey to be happy. I find it one of the most exciting journeys to watch someone else go through.

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