Hair Dye Drama – A Bleach London Review

As I’ve said in past posts (see here), I’ve been dying my hair for almost 12-years now & I’ve got my process down to a fine art. So, when a new product comes out that claims to help remove hair colour without the need for bleaching, I’m all over that. And when it comes to conditioning masks, I’ll try anything.

Bleach Washing Out Liquid


This claims to “help speed up the fading process when you want to change your colour or get rid of stubborn pigment.” It’s £5.00 in Boots and I (foolishly) bought it in a 3 for 2 with another bottle the same and a tube of the Reincarnation Mask.

So, the plan was to take the red out of my hair without bleaching. This was it to begin with:


And then this is it in stages for the following washes. The bottom right picture is after SIX washes *sigh*


I know, I know, red is one of the hardest colours to fade out. Really though, this isn’t any better than if I’d used a normal shampoo.

Pros: left my hair squeaky clean, smells fresh without being overpowering.

Cons: Didn’t fade my hair more than a normal shampoo would have done.

Overall: a good shampoo but doesn’t live up to the expectations and I wouldn’t buy it again.

Bleach Reincarnation Mask


Ah, a hair mask. Surely this cant go wrong! The website claims:
Resurrect and hydrate bleached or coloured hair and improve elasticity with this repairing and moisturising Bleach Reincarnation Mask. Enriched with sunflower seed extract and micro wheat proteins to give great shine and strengthen colour vibrancy.

First off, this smells LOVELY! Secondly, thank the gods, it does what it says. After how thoroughly my hair was cleaned by the Washing Out Liquid, an intensive conditioner was exactly what I needed. It left my hair, which is rather over-processed, feeling soft and knot-free. At £6.00 this is by no means an expensive conditioning mask and you get a decent amount!

Pros: smells divine, works a treat, left my hair feeling silky soft.

Cons: the tube is SO slippery when your hands are wet. It looks great but clearly not a lot of sense went in to it.

Overall: I would buy again, if it was on offer.

Have you used any Bleach London products? Let me know in the comments.

Laters xx


2 thoughts on “Hair Dye Drama – A Bleach London Review

  1. girlycopyright says:

    I like their reconstruction mask, although it is a hazard to hold in the bath. Many times it has fallen out of my hands and attacked my feet. It would be better if it was in different packaging. Awesome post 🙂 x

  2. Charlotte says:

    Oh no! I’ve never used Bleach London, as I’m too scared of damaging my hair with bleach and I’m not sure how cruelty-free Bleach London is. Though if you’ve still got the other full bottle, I’m sure you’d find a taker on eBay. It seems to be a popular brand at the minute.

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