Birthday Round-Up (#LisaTurns30)


At 06:20 on 12 April, I said goodbye to my twenties. I’m not going to lie and say I approached my thirties with boundless enthusiasm. In the weeks preceding my birthday, there were many moments of mourning. I became introspective and lost in the past. Birthdays lost their thrill for me somewhere in my early 20s and I cannot stress enough how much I didn’t want to be thirty. Luckily, I chose to spend it with those most important to me and it was a fabulous time.

My birthday celebrations started 2 weeks ago. In our circle of friends, there are a lot of April birthdays so you need to plan ahead. On the 5th April, we went out for food and a few drinks. If you live in Cardiff and haven’t been to Ichiban, go now! It is delicious and the service is fantastic.

The following day, we went for lunch with another set of friends to Wagamama in the city centre. Again, the food was delicious and the service was brilliant. So far, so perfect.

I saw in my actual birthday with my family and PJ. It was a weekend full of children, hugs, laughter, in-jokes and cake. So. Much. Cake.

We woke up around 8:30am and, as family rules dictate, I had to eat my breakfast before I was allowed any presents. I’ve never eaten a bowl of muesli so quickly!

PJ did VERY good this year and bought me the purple Dr Martens that I’ve been lusting after for a while. Aren’t they beautiful!?


The main gift from my parents was a gorgeous necklace. I’d asked for something that I could keep and would remind me of home. Mum exceeded all my expectations with this gorgeous oak leaf necklace. It’s made from the skeletal structure of a real oak leaf.

ImageThe rest of my family also spoilt me rotten! I had a beautiful silver bracelet from my sister, Star Trek Lego from my brother, a beautiful bag from my granny… Just look!


I’m so grateful to everyone for their presents. I felt so loved and blessed all weekend.

Going home for the weekend meant that I got to see pretty much all of my family! These are a few of my favourite pictures from the weekend that I can post without making certain family members angry (There’s an excellent one of my mum and my sister that I just dare not post!)


My niece wanted to try on PJs big shoes. Me & my granny. Me and my baby nephew (in the rare moment that he liked me)

As an added bonus, my mum was looking after our neighbours chickens. I couldn’t resist going over to meet them!


Yeah, I think 30 is going to be ok!

Laters xx


2 thoughts on “Birthday Round-Up (#LisaTurns30)

  1. bluehairinbelgium says:

    Happy happy birthday! I’ve never bothered about getting older but this year is weird for me. I turn 25 in November and I really would rather not. It’s more about the time than the age for me at the moment though. A birthday just signifies that time is going by… and I don’t want that.

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