Poundshop Bargains

I see a lot of American beauty blogs talking about drugstore beauty. Well hold the phone, ladies! Here in the UK we have the untapped resource that is our delightful Pound Shops!

I’ll admit, they can be a bit hit and miss but seriously, I’ve found some amazing bargains. Everything shown was priced £1.00. Look!



First up, Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara in Brown. For me, it was a little clumpy on first application but it does make my lashes look fuller and longer. I think it might just take a little practice.


Next up, China Glaze nail polish. These are from the crackle glaze range. They’re excellent nail polishes and I found they didn’t chip too quickly.


This is an OPI nail polish from their Shatter (same as Crackle) range. Poundshops love their crackle glaze!  It’s a gorgeous shade of navy & I wish this was a normal polish. Application is easy and, again, I found that it lasted well without chipping.



This Calvin Klein eyeshadow was a bit of an impulse buy. I wanted a neutral shade that would be good for work and this is perfect. It’s a brown shade with a hint of rose gold and has a slight shimmer to it. The above swatch shows it with and without flash.


Drumroll please. This is my mega bargain. When I had my tattoo at the beginning of the year, this was recommended. At the time the price tag put me off. The balm only was over £6.00. At only one pound each, I might stock up on these for future tattoos!

So, next time you’re near a Pound Shop don’t forget to pop in and grab yourself some bargains.

Have you found any brilliant bargains lately? Let me know in the comments.

Laters xx










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