Weddings and Castles and Valleys, Oh My!


Craig Y Nos Castle

Last weekend, we had the absolute pleasure of being invited to a friend’s wedding. The venue was Craig Y Nos in Powys, Wales. Originally the country manor of Captain Rice Powell, this neo-gothic castle was also home to the great Adelina Patti. It’s now a perfect setting for a wedding as well as being host to nightly Ghost Tours of the old TB ward on the top floor.

For our stay, we were in the Gatehouse. This is sleeps 4-8 people and has it’s own living room area.


The Gatehouse

There was another double bedroom on the ground floor, which I didn’t get a photo of, and then this creepy alcove with 2 more single beds…


A very strange alcove


The wedding itself was in the theatre that Adelina Patti had specially built. The bride and groom looked absolutely stunning and in a twist that very much suited the couple, they were welcomed in to married life by a pair of Storm Troopers (Courtesy of the 501st UK Garrison, who only accept charity donations for their work).


They’re a little short for Storm Troopers..

The afternoon reception was held in the conservatory. The tables were decorated with tea cup posy’s and cake stands with tiny floral arrangements. All of the porcelain and china used was owned by family members who were unable to be at the ceremony.


Of course, you put a plant in a tiny tea cup and someone (me) will end up being silly with it..


There’s always one.

Between the afternoon reception and the evening do, we had time for a much needed coffee as well as a wander around the grounds.


The rear of Craig Y Nos Castle


Behind the castle

Behind the castle

The evening event was great fun, even with the rather terrible 90s DJ who announced every single track! There was a hog roast, cake and sweets dotted around the whole venue.

Night Time

Night Time

The next morning, we were happily provided with a full English breakfast and we all seemed to have made it through hangover free.

After breakfast, me and PJ took time to properly survey the grounds. It’s such a beautifully quiet location and, luckily, the weather stayed dry.

The Grounds.

The Grounds.


A Creepy Old Summer House


PJ enjoying the countryside




It was such a perfect weekend and such a fantastic wedding. I’m very grateful tat they invited us to share the day with them.

Did you go on any adventures last weekend? Let me know in the comments.

Laters xx










6 thoughts on “Weddings and Castles and Valleys, Oh My!

  1. Danielle Eskdale says:

    What a completely perfect location! So beautiful, I wish I lived there haha.
    The touch of having china from family members who couldn’t be there is very heartwarming too – I love that.
    Glad you had a fantastic weekend and congrats to the happy couple ❤

  2. porcelina says:

    What a wonderful place to spend a weekend! I’ve actually been to a wedding there as well, isn’t the theatre fabulous? Didn’t explore the grounds as much as you did though, as we stayed in a B&B down the road (cheaper!). I’d like to see a full length pic of you in your best wedding guest attire though, no good hiding behind a teacup!! x

    • astarfellonher says:

      It’s gorgeous. Fluffy the hotel cat Miaowed loudly from behind the stage curtain during the ceremony, which was adorable. I think there’s a full length pic of my dress on my Facebook.

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