Resolution Round-Up

If you can remember back as far as January, you may remember me posting a list of my New Year “Resolutions”. Each year starts off with the best intentions and then I maybe, sort of, get distracted by other things and forget all about them. The helpful thing about having them on a blog is that this doesn’t happen. So here’s an updated version of my quests for the year (calling them “Quests” make them sound much more exciting)

1. Run 5K. Without stopping. I’ve begun using the @C25KFree app, so fingers crossed for this one!

2. Start to blog once a week & promote it properly. Woohoo! Done and on-going!

3. Lose ½ stone. A small and, hopefully, manageable goal. I managed to lose the original ½ stone I was aiming for but my body confidence is still really low. (NB: This is not a plea for compliments) I’m trying to change my relationship with food and have started making healthier choices so hopefully things will look better as the year progresses.

4. Read the unread books on my bookshelf. There are around 20 of these. I need to read them before buying any more. Whoops! Bought more books, still haven’t crossed any off yet..

5. Paint the bedroom wall. Booooring! This is one of the things I’ve been putting off for a while though. Not done yet buuuuuut a colour has finally been agreed on. Just need to buy the paint!

6. Buy a car. Very important. I’ve started looking but there doesn’t seem to be much out there in my price range as of yet.

7. Learn to crochet. Because why not? I’m convinced I don’t have enough fingers for this.

8. Pay off my overdraft. It’s only £300, how hard can this be! Now that the crazy long months for pay have ended, I’m back on this!

9. Save £1000. Possibly going to be hindered by numbers 6 and 8. I set up a fixed saver that I can’t take money out of so this is on track for the end of the year!

10. Drink Less alcohol, possibly stop completely. Even if just for a month. Hells. Yes. I don’t drink anywhere near as much as I used to and don’t even miss it!

11. Buy no clothes for 2 months. Eep! Well, I did one month… almost.

12. Be able to touch my toes. Without bending my knees! YES!

13. Take a break from twitter. Ideally, one week each month will be spent away from this time sucking beast but I’ll settle for a full 24hrs. Aside from Blog promoting and blogger chats, I find that I rarely use this anymore. My relationship with it has changed and I don’t need it in the way that I used to.

14. Clear out my wardrobe. Properly. With no sentimental feelings. A few weekends back, me and my OH had a HUGE clear out and put a lot of stuff on eBay. We made over £100 from the stuff that we sold!

15. Stop being late for work. This one may never get crossed off. My shifts have changed recently and if anything I’m now finding it even harder to get to work on time!

16. Eat only vegetarian meals for one week each month. Not crossed off just yet, but I have managed full days without any meat.

17. Ask for help when I need it. I’m stubborn to a fault, so this may be the most difficult. On. It.

18. Refresh my German. I spent 12yrs learning the language but after 8yrs out of education, I’ve forgotten it all. Time to start over! I took an online test the other day to see what level my existing knowledge is at and didn’t do too badly. Am looking to download a podcast or app for this soon so I can fit it in around work.

19. Make the garden beautiful and plant all the flower/herb seeds I have stashed in the house. I planted some Crocus bulbs before Christmas and they’re flowering!! I’m so excited! As soon as we have our new fence put in, I’m going to be out there recreating The Good Life.

20. See my family and friends more. Something I’ve been pretty lax about for a number of reasons. Me and my bestie now have a regular Thursday coffee (work permitting) so that’s a great first step. Still not great on seeing other friends but I’m definitely getting better.

Well, for having only been 3 months, having 6 crossed off is a lot better than I’d normally have achieved by now. A lot of stuff is highly dependent on other factors, so I don’t feel too bad about the ones remaining and there’s still 10 months to go.

How are your resolutions going? Are you questing successfully?

Laters xx






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