Wednesday Wants – Food Puntastic!

Evenin’ All!

This post is going up a lot later than planned today. This is partly thanks to a Budget related meltdown at work (cheers for that, government) and also because I went for a run (yes, I’m one of “those” people now).

Either way, here I am and I am ready to bring the fun.

Few things tickle my funny bone like a good food pun and these are genius! I’m not even going to try and add my own comments, just the links so you can buy these sweet, sweet products yourself!

So, on with the show!



Donut Talk To Me from ASOS (River Island) – £16.00


Pizza My Mind from Lazy Oaf – £45.00


Lettuce Turnip the Beet from Etsy £16.67


Don’t Go Bacon My Heart. I Couldn’t If I Fried from Etsy – £9.87


I Don’t Wanna Taco ‘Bout It from Threadless -$15.00


You Dim Sum, You Lose Sum (Pocket Mirror) from Chicksrule – £1.00


You’ve Got Kale from Threadless – $15.00


Maths & Food? Awesome! Amazon – £5.99


Any other food pun products you think I should know about? Please, please share them with me in the comments!

Laters xx






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