Lovers of Cats, Enter Here…

Good evening folks!

First up today, a little bit of admin. You may notice a couple of changes to the blog. There’s a delightful picture of a sunset to welcome you now (taken at my parents house) and also a picture of my ugly mug in the sidebar. I’ve also added Bloglovin & Twitter follow links (finally!!)

In more exciting news ~ prepare yourself ~ more regular posts are coming! Sunday will see the start of a new blog series! Yay!!

Now, tonights post was going to be long and rambling but after fighting with customising the blog theme for tooo long, instead it’s pictures from here on down!

Ladies and Gents, welcome to the world of my pets (past and present)….

I owned Giant African Land Snails from 2002 to 2006. The largest in this pic were called George and Sidney. Little fact, snails LOVE to breed!


Aww, my beautiful girls (Pepper & Scratch) not long after I got them. Bless!


Pepper has got a little… rotund over the years..


And this is them doing what they do best ~ sleeping and making a show of themselves.


The amazing fluffball that is Caliban.


Seriously, look at those whiskers!


And that’s me done! See you Sunday!

Laters xx


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