Only Dorks go to Dorking.

A few weeks back, we found out that PJs mum was planning to sell her house & move to Wales. Being the homebody that he is, PJ suggested we travel to his home town of Dorking one last time. Who was I to say no! So we booked our Megabus tickets & packed our bags.


Oh, megabus. I swear to whatever gods are out there, I am buying a car only so I never have to use you ever again. The bus was 10mins late arriving and 30mins late leaving. What should have been a 3hr journey took 4hrs and I lost all feeling in my butt.

As we travelled towards the station, I was reminded why I have such mixed feelings about London. It’s a gorgeous city & I’ve not seen a part of it I haven’t fallen in love with yet. It was night time so all the lights were on & the bridges were lit up beautifully (sadly, no photos as the bus didn’t stop long enough). We arrived at Victoria, around 10pm & rushed to our connecting train, which is where I remembered¬†the downside to London for me: I really don’t do well with large crowds of people.

The train to Dorking took 40mins, so it was close to 11pm when we finally arrived. Shattered after a full day of work and 5hrs of travelling, we flaked on the sofa, made polite conversation and then crawled to bed.

Saturday started with brilliant sunshine streaming through the curtains. I could already sense it was going to be a good day.


By noon, we were on a train to the centre of Dorking. The ticket machine was broken so I’m a little ashamed (and excited) to say we got through the barriers at Dorking without paying!

As we headed up to our first stop, we passed this lovely rustic looking cottage. Dorking is full of houses like this.


We headed further up the road out of town and ended up at Cotmandene..


It’s maybe a 5 minute walk out of the town centre and is an incredibly large patch of open countryside. We headed further up and began walking towards PJs old house.

We got to OH old house around 1pm and I sneakily took a photo for him.


By this time we were starving. We headed back in to town, briefly pausing in Waterstones, and aimed for a little cafe called Chimes. They make delicious sandwiches but I was too overwhelmed by the surrounding area to take any photos of food. We ate in the shade of a church, St Pauls, and I fawned over the newly flowering plants.



After lunch, we headed through Meadowbank, aiming for OH old school.


You can see most of Dorking from here. OH decided that he wanted to be in the photos now, but he wasnt sure about how to pose…



We had to stop briefly at the top of the hill as I’d managed to pocket dial my folks. I blame my numb bum from the day before!

We walked past OH school with him pointing out what each building was for and me marvelling at how large it all is. My school was tiny in comparison!

We then headed back to the station, PAID for our tickets and admired the countryside travelling back from Dorking to Holmewood.



Saturday evening was spent eating a delicious roast dinner cooked by PJs mum, quite a lot of wine and playing the doninos game, Mexican Train.


(NB: this is not the correct way to play Mexican Train)

Sunday we were up bright and early for our lift to Lewisham to see PJs sister and family.

They’ve just moved and we had a lovely day of eating pizza, chatting and helping them unpack some boxes. The time went too quickly though and before we knew it, it was time to start heading home.

We caught the tube from Deptford bridge go Bank before crossing to Monument and heading for Victoria. I’m not a huge fan of the tube but we’ve used it enough times to know our way around now – very helpful!

From Victoria, it’s a short walk to the Megabus depot and thankfully our bus was already there. The trip back to Cardiff took an hour less than our journey out and we were home in time for Top Gear.

Have you been on any mini adventures lately? I’d love to here about them!

Laters xx


4 thoughts on “Only Dorks go to Dorking.

  1. Thierry says:

    Speaking as someone who’s been doing the trip to/from London every few weeks for years: take the NX509 instead. It’s sometimes a couple of quid more expensive, but dear god/ess/e/s does it make up for that in how much nicer and more comfortable it is (and so far I have always been on time, give or take the odd few minutes because of London traffic). No hurting butt thanks to their leather seats, either.

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