Hair Dye Drama

For the last 11 years, I’ve been involved in an intense relationship – with hair dye.

It started at the age of 18, when I dyed my mousey brown hair purple, and spiralled out of control pretty quickly. During this time, my hair has been almost every colour under the sun (and the colour of the sun once but that was an accident).

It’s been emerald green, black, peacock blue, purple, orange and green, blonde, bright red, dark red, black blue, UV orange, lime green… Look, here’s some pictures –


For the past 2 months though, I’ve been giving my hair a well earned break. It’s been brown. Just, brown. Alas, I am a fickle beast and after promising that I’d leave it this way until my 30th birthday… I dyed it last Sunday. Not just dyed it. I stripped it and bleached it THEN dyed it. Thank the lords that my hair is ridiculously resilient.

In the space of 2 days, my hair went through these 3 colours ..

 Image  Image      Image

Now, I don’t want to brag but… My hair still feels totally healthy! The secret? I take damn good care of my hair. Damn good care! You wanna know how I went from brown to red without getting frazzled? Well, let me tell you..

Day 1

Step 1: Conditioning

The day before bleaching my hair I slathered it in Dove Intensive Repair Mask. I wanted my hair to be in the best possible condition and this thick, divine smelling cream does just the job. I generally use this about once a month when I feel my hair needs a really good treat. Using a walnut size dollop, I only put this through the ends of my hair and leave it on for about 10-15mins.  

Day 2

Step 2: The Bleach

This time, I used Garnier Nutrisse Blonde Pre-Lightener (I tend to just buy whatever is on offer). Even though I’ve bleached my hair more times than I can count, I still follow the directions word for word. Apply to roots and lengths, leave for 15-20mins. Apply to roots, leave for a further 15-20 mins. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse.

Step 3: More Conditioning & A Healthy Dose of Distraction

Repeat Step 1 but this time leave it on for as long as you can. Go to sleep, play a game, watch a film, do anything to distract you. Then rinse.

Day 3


Always on the look-out for new things, this time I used Bleach London I Saw Red on my hair. Oh Wow. Right from the start, I knew we were going to get on well. The bottle is actually squeezable, the dye smells almost herbal and the consistency is just right for covering your hair and not your bathroom. It says on the bottle to leave it on for 15mins but I have to admit, I left it on for about 2 hours. Naughty, I know.

Step 4: The End Is In Sight

That’s it, the end of the journey. It’s rinsing again. Rinse as if your life depends on it, or at least until the water runs clear. Then, because I was feeling mighty indulgent, I slathered on some more conditioner. Well why the hell not?

And that’s it. Typed out, it seems like a lot of work but, if you’re after a drastic colour change but want to keep your locks in good condition, I can’t put enough emphasis on how important the conditioning stages are.

So, how about you? Planning any colour changes for the new year? Or maybe there’s a colour that you think I should try?

Laters xx


5 thoughts on “Hair Dye Drama

    • astarfellonher says:

      Honestly, I’ve found that harder to remove than red (which is meant to be the worst!). I’d suggest starting with a shampoo that really strips colour, like Head & Shoulders or, surprisingly, Johnson Baby Shampoo. Alternatively, and I haven’t tried this yet but the reviews are great, Bleach London do a shampoo now specifically for striping colour out of your hair. Good Luck!!

      • absterrrrrr says:

        Really!?!? I’ve seen people have no problems with lifting red using colour B4!! I’ve just bought sainsburys own anti – dandruff shampoo and a few other bits in hope of helping it get out!! Bleach london are the people who got me into this mess in the first place but will try it as a last resort… thank you so much!

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