Nothing Quite Like the Feel of Something New…

Ah, January. Such a delightfully cold month, full of such good intentions. 

Everyone is rushing out to join gyms, throwing out the last of their Christmas chocolate and vowing that this year, things will be different.
I know this, because I am one of these people.

Every year, I compile a list of things that I believe will make me a better person. Things that I normally manage to keep up for at least a week before slipping back in to those old, comfortable habits. I always fall in to the trap of choosing huge, personality changing resolutions: Trust easier, believe in myself more, try not too get mad. These things are beautiful ideals but, at 29, I’m unlikely to ever truly succeed and that’s ok. We all need to be a bit easier on ourselves!

This year, I’ve tried to stick to practical, manageable options. They’re not even really all resolutions, just things I’ve been meaning to do and have successfully put off until now. I love a checklist and, even more, I love being able to tick things off. Seeing my resolution still uncrossed by mid-June is disheartening.

So here they are. My practical, achievable resolutions (in no particular order) for 2014:

1. Run 5K. Without stopping. Not even once.

2. Start to blog once a week & promote it properly.

3. Lose ½ stone. A small and, hopefully, manageable goal.

4. Read the unread books on my bookshelf. There are around 20 of these. I need to read them before buying any more.

5. Paint the bedroom wall. Booooring! This is one of the things I’ve been putting off for a while though.

6. Buy a car. Very important.

7. Learn to crochet. Because why not?

8. Pay off my overdraft. It’s only £300, how hard can this be!?

9. Save £1000. Possibly going to be hindered by numbers 6 and 8.

10. Drink Less alcohol, possibly stop completely. Even if just for a month.

11. Buy no clothes for 2 months. Eep!

12. Be able to touch my toes. Without bending my knees!

13. Take a break from twitter. Ideally, one week each month will be spent away from this time sucking beast but I’ll settle for a full 24hrs.

14. Clear out my wardrobe. Properly. With no sentimental feelings.

15. Stop being late for work. This one may never get crossed off.

16. Eat only vegetarian meals for one week each month.

17. Ask for help when I need it. I’m stubborn to a fault, so this may be the most difficult. 

18. Refresh my German. I spent 12yrs learning the language but after 8yrs out of education, I’ve forgotten it all. Time to start over!

19. Make the garden beautiful and plant all the flower/herb seeds I have stashed in the house.

20. See my family and friends more. Something I’ve been pretty lax about for a number of reasons.

Do you have any resolutions for the new year?

Laters xx


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