It’s the End of the Year As We Know It!

As the end of the year draws ever closer, it felt right to start compiling an end of the year review. (Also, it’s unlikely I’ll have a chance to blog again before the new year)

It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve been able to look back on a year and say “ Yeah, that was really good.” This isn’t to say I’ve had a terrible life, full of woe, it’s just that there’s always that one thing that throws your whole year off track.

This year has been about change, bettering myself and learning to be a grown up, all things I like to think I’ve (almost) managed to accomplish.

So, here are the top highlights of 2013 (In no particular order):

1.Moved in with my lovely man:

Definitely the best thing to have happened this year, without a doubt! We’ve been together for 2 years now and, admittedly, our moving in was initially more about convenience than romance. It’s been such a fantastic thing for both of us though. I ADORE our flat and we’ve got such big plans for it. Having a garden again has been amazing and the cats have (finally) bonded quite well. I lived with my ex for 7yrs and it often seemed like more hard work than it was worth. This time around though, I can’t believe how easy it is! We don’t argue and (thank god!) he’s almost as fanatical about cleaning as I am. Best. Thing. Ever.

2. Became an Aunty for the 4th time:

That’s right, I am now the proud aunty to 4 beautiful children who I would do anything for. The newest addition was born in July of this year. The eldest turned 8 in May and is growing up to a beautiful girl with a TONNE of attitude. The two mid-lings will both be three by the end of this year and are already fiercely individual. My youngest niece also has the most beautiful ginger hair that the world has ever seen!

3. Got a new job and got promoted, all within 6 months:

I’ve always been pretty open about how much I don’t like working in an office and yes, I know I could always do something else. However, I’m also open about how lazy I am. Towards the end of my old job (same company, different department), I was on anti-depressants and openly crying at my desk due to the stress. Thankfully, my new job is a god send. I’m still not 100% sure what it is I do but I’ve got a fancy job title (Corporate Analyst, thank you very much) and work with people I actually like. It’s been hard work and making the switch was terrifying, but it’s been so worth it!

4. Ditched the Crap:

I’ve always been quick to give people the benefit of the doubt and the idea of someone disliking me can make me feel physically uncomfortable (Thanks, social anxiety). After a rough year of being cyber-bullied and treated like a doormat, I’ve started to seriously reassess this. Sometime around October, I snapped and, god, it felt good! I’m tired of feeling bad because of something someone else “thinks” happened and I’m tired of feeling guilty for looking after me first. Since then, I’ve felt so much more relaxed. I’ve stopped caring about other people’s opinions of me so much. I just don’t care. Long may this continue.

What have been your biggest personal highlights of the year?

Hopefully, your year has been full of fantastic things!

Laters xx


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