Saving (my) Face.

I know, I know, I’ve already written a blog about my winter skin care regime. Buuuut this one will be a bit more in-depth.

It’s only now that I’m (rapidly) approaching the big 3-0 that I’ve really started to take car of my skin. For the last god-knows-how-many-years I’ve survived on face wipes and a bland moisturiser alone. So sure has my resolve been that my skin doesn’t need any additional help. Alas, it’s time to face the facts and the wrinkles. I needed help and so I trawled the beauty blogs.

First up, a new way of washing my face. I picked up the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser after reading about it on Blot and Reapply (which is run by a rather magnificent lady) and couldn’t wait to try it.

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml

For only costing £4.99, the tube of cream cleanser is LARGE and comes with a muslin cloth, so we’d already got off on the right foot. The instructions are simple.

Step 1: Massage the cream on to your skin in circular motions

Step 2: Wet the muslin cloth using hot water (not scalding, obviously. Think more bath temperature)

Step 3: Wash away the cream using the hot muslin cloth.

Not only does it smell delicious (It’s a light, almost floral fragrance) but it leaves my skin feeling wonderful! I get quite dry skin in winter and am prone to eczema in my eyebrows (yes, you read that correctly). This has cleared that up and left my skin feeling soft and moisturised. Brilliant.

Next, I moisturise. At the moment, I’m using Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Prevention Day Moisturiser. It’s a little pricey at £10.49 but, having used it for a few months now (yes, yes, that’s quite a while but I keep forgetting to use it every day) I’d happily re-buy this.

It feels rich and seems to have no scent, which I like. It sinks in to my skin quickly without leaving any greasy residue. I don’t tend to wear make-up but when I have, this has acted as an excellent base layer, almost mattifying my skin like a primer.

Last up is eye cream, something I didn’t even realise was a thing until a few months back. I just assumed that any moisturiser would help out in this area too – apparently not. Like I said, I’m fast approaching 30 and have already noticed a few crows feet loitering around. Thanks to a long history of insomnia and other sleep issues, my eyes have always looked puffy and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have dark circles. So, now I’m using the Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Youth Maintain De-Puffing Eye Roll-On. Again, this isn’t cheap at £10.49, but I picked them up on a 3 for 2, which boots ALWAYS seem to have running. (apologies for the rubbish photo)

I can’t say that I’m overly impressed with this, but then maybe I’ve just not been using it for long enough yet. I like the roll-on part as it does feel like a nice little massage for my eyes. The gel itself is fragrance free and soaks in easily. I keep mine in the fridge, as I hear that’s the best place for it. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks I’ll be raving about this. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What are you’re daily skin care secrets? Any suggestions of moisturisers or eye creams for me to try out?

Laters xx




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