Christmas Crafting…

Unless you live the life of a hermit, squirrelled away in a cave somewhere, you can’t help but have noticed that Christmas is indeed coming. To be fair though, even if you did live in a cave somewhere, that famous Christmas lorry is likely to have trundled past at some point.

I love Christmas. I love all the tacky ornaments, tinsel, eggnog for breakfast and tend to get a little over excited by anything wearing a Santa hat. I also love how Christmas really brings out the crafter in me. I want to make things. All the gaudy colours and decorations on offer in Pound Shops, I can’t help but think “I could make that”. So this year I thought I might give in to the festive urge and give it a go.

Now, I am not an accomplished crafter by any means. I’m very good at getting swept up by ideas and then realising half way through that I’m well out of my skill zone. For this reason, we’ll be aiming low and playing it safe.

The first, and simplest thing, I’d like to try is this. (NB: can I just take a moment to thank the world for Pinterest. I don’t know how I survived without it.)

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

The above trees can actually be bought from The Groovy Zoo on Etsy. The seller has a whole range of super adorable hanging decorations, amongst other things! I’ll be using this design for inspiration. I mean, how hard can it be?! (NB: famous last words or what?)

Once I have (hopefully) finished the above, I will try to post pictures so you can all see (and laugh) at my efforts.

The next thing that I have become overly obsessed with lately is candles. How ace are candles? I love them! Surely making a candle can’t be that hard once you have the correct kit, right? There are LOADS of pins on candle making (I’ve just attached a link to them all rather than bore you with separate ones.)

Are there any crafts you’re hoping to try out this Christmas? Any crafts you think I should try? Send me links!

Laters xx


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