It’s Tiring Being a Spook…

Halloween has now been and gone. I’ve taken down the festive bunting and thrown my (already turning green) pumpkin in to the bin.

Last night, I attended 3 separate Halloween parties, which is a great way to stay sober. I had an amazing time and was pleased with how much effort everyone had put in to their costumes.

The first party was hosted by friends of my partner, who was unable to attend due to work commitments. It was a small, intimate affair. The host had made a selection of cakes and decorated her house amazingly. It meant I got to spend time with a lot of people that I normally only see with my other half. At 11pm, I scuttled over to the second party. This was hosted by a good friend of mine. As it was quite late when I got there, costumes were beginning to unravel and words were getting slurred. Still, it was really nice to spend time with some of my best friends and have a good chat. Lastly, at 12:45am, I acquired a group of people and we headed out to the last stop of the night, a club in town. Here, I bumped in to people I haven’t seen in far too long and worked on rebuilding lost friendships. It was brilliant fun and we danced our socks off!

At 2am, and still very much sober, I headed home to snuggle with my man and the cats. Tonight, we’re staying in with some horror films and tasty food. Perfect.

How did you spend Halloween and what was the best costume you saw?

Laters x


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