So this month sees the start of many writing challenges as well as finally being able to put my heating on full time!

Still being new to this whole blogging malarkey, I won’t be signing up full time for the NaBloPoMo challenge this year, but I will be making a good effort to blog (at least) twice a week. Now, be warned – this means you’re in for some really crappy blogs!

Blogging is never something that I plan to do. I know a lot of people make notes throughout the days or weeks and then put it all together at the end. I wish I was that organised! My blogs are mostly a case of “Ooh, I’ve just had an idea that would be vaguely interesting to write about” and a lot of optimistic thinking.

That’s pretty much it for now, just wanted to keep you (oh, zero readers that I have) up to date.

Oh, and guess what – I passed my exam!

Laters x


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