Cold Care..

Well, the weather seems to have definitely changed here in England. It’s time to settle down to months of cold winds, heavy rain and (hopefully) snow. I honestly could not be more excited.
Everyone here moans about the weather. It’s an English characteristic that we just can’t shake. By even writing this post I’m just enforcing this stereotype that all we do is make idle chit chat about the weather. This post will be different though because I LOVE Autumn and winter.
The turning of the leaves, the crisp mornings with frost on the ground, being able to see your  breath: To me these things are heaven. It’s not that i’m anti-summer, it’s just that I’m more comfortable snuggling up in jumpers, scarves and hats, spending nights cuddled with my beau under blankets watching films and eating casseroles and stews until my tummy swells. This year will also be my first time in 5yrs that I’ve lived in a house with working central heating, although i’m  refusing to put it on until at least November. You’ve got to enjoy the snugly times when you can.
The only downside to winter is the effect that it has on my skin and hair, but even then all it means is that  I get to amend my daily routine to include a good amount of pampering. As a long time sufferer of eczema, I’m well aware of the importance of moisturising. It’s just so easy to forget it in the summer months when the suns rays have all but cured my flaky skin. In winter though, I love slathering on a rich, creamy oat based moisturiser to make sure i’m in tip top condition. A solid favourite is Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion with Shea Butter – a delicious smelling cream which makes my skin feel soft for hours!
In terms of hair, after 11 years of bleaching and dying it every colour under the sun it’s safe to say that it’s over-processed. Thankfully, i was blessed with thick hair and it’s pretty easy to rectify any serious damage with a healthy dose of coconut oil. For day-to-day care though, i like to spray a little Dove Intensive Repair Leave-In Conditioning Spray on the ends. It smells amazing and makes my hair feel divine.
In my next post,  I’ll be looking at the exercise regime i have to make sure that all those tummy swelling stews don’t become a permanent body feature.

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