Events of the Past

So, the last few  weeks have seen a lot of things happen. I’ve spent more time than i would’ve  liked travelling but the outcome was (mostly) good.
The kittens have now  gone to their new home and all reports assure us they’ve settled in well. I  still have moments where i look out the window expecting to see them cavorting  in the garden, but my fatcat is so good at distracting my attention that this  never lasts too long.
We had a successful  house-warming. Well, except for the fact that it rained so much we couldn’t  barbecue. Never mind though, hey? That’s just part of the joy of living in the  UK. Overall, lots of food was eaten, LOTS of drinks were drunk and we managed to  have the house tidied and sorted before going to bed. Thank god for starting  early and everyone getting so drunk that they had to leave at a reasonable hour. 
The past two weeks  have been filled with visiting family. We started with a few days with my folks.  It’s always a bit odd as they live in the middle of nowhere and if you  don’t have a car, you’re kind of stuck in the house. The benefit, however, is a  few days without any phone signal or internet. I love how peaceful it is and  having a forest on your doorstep is perfect for wistful wanderings. The trip was  made more odd by having to attend a funeral on the last day. Although, it wasn’t  a close relative, it was still an emotional affair and I don’t think i would’ve  been able to cope if not for my partner coming with me.
Next on the list of  holiday trips was an overnight stay in Oxford. We drove up with friends to  attend a reading by Neil Gaimen and Phillip Pullman. I’m not overly familiar  with either writer but the experience was amazing. It was so interesting hearing  professional authors talk about why they love to write and giving an insight in  to how they go about it. Unfortunately, again, this trip was marred with a  slight downward turn after the talk was over. A slight family emergency meant  tears and stress before bedtime. Luckily, it was all sorted and the trip back  went without incident.
I got to have a few  days by myself last weekend, during which i continued with my mission to cut  down the tree in my back garden. It’s a large deciduous tree with ornamental  berries and it’s huge. I’ve been removing a branch at a time so far as there’s  not enough room to take down the whole thing in one go. My progress has been  hindered by the fact that the darn thing is FULL of spiders and, subsequently,  spider babies. I got caught in a shower of spider babies on Sunday that left my  shaking. I know they’re just common garden spiders but that doesn’t matter when  around 100 of the things have fallen on your head. Bleurgh!
This week has been  spent travelling to London, down to Dorking and then back to London. We were  visiting my boyfriends family and trying to squeeze everyone in. Not the easiest  of things! We made sure that we planned it so that we had a few spare hours in  London by ourselves yesterday. Aside from getting a little lost, we spent the  time eating at Shake Shack (delicious), visiting the Moomin shop (amazing) and  then a quick wander over to Forbidden Planet before setting up camp at Victoria  Station to wait for our bus home. I can fully recommend Megabus Gold if you want  an inexpensive way to get to London from Cardiff. Lots of leg room, comfy seats  and free muffins made what could have been horrible, an almost delightful  experience. Nothing beats the joy of snuggling down in my own bed  last night though.
Tomorrow, i’m  planning to visit Cardiff Comic Con and am mostly looking forward to visiting  the Geisha Wigs stand and seeing the Lou Scannon and Stiffs guys. 
Hope you’ve all had  a pleasant few weeks as well!

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