Strays and Rays

Oh, the weather has been delightful!

Luckily, me and the mister moved house just in time to enjoy the glorious British heatwave in our own garden! Very exciting. It’s not perfect yet by any means and there is still a lot to be done, but i’m pootling away and trying to make it tidy. We’ve optimistically arranged a BBQ at ours this month, so hopefully it’ll be ship shape for then.
Lately, i’ve spent a lot of time discovering the joys of pruning and the thrilling excitement of cutting back trees. I think i’ve also finally found the answer to the (never asked) question of “How many bricks can you fit in your garden?” The previous owner must have LOVED bricks – they’re blimming everywhere! All of the bedding boxes are surrounded by bricks, there is even a stack of “spares”. Madness. Unfortunately, moving the bricks is distrbing the local wildlife of the garden. By which i mean ALL OF THE SPIDERS! Blergh.

Landscaping (yeah, right) has also been hindered by the arrival of two b.e.a.utiful stray kittens, who have set up home in our garden. It’s been 4 days now and the mister has already named them *shakes head* (Ariel and Puck, as in The Tempest). I’m refusing to get too attached as, if we were to keep them, that would be a total of 5 cats. That, my friend, is two too many cats. Both kittens are around 4 months old and, according to our very helpful vet, in very good health. We think that, sadly, they may have been raised enough to survive outside and then dumped *cries*. The little girl is a gorgeous tortoiseshell and the boy is a very smart looking tuxedo cat. They’re extrememly friendly and we’re doing everything we can to find them a new home. We’ve contacted the RSPCA, Cats Protection League and Catwell (our local cat charity). All have said that if they haven’t gone home after 10 days, we should look to rehome them ourselves. Like i said, we’re now on day 4 and the little blighters are rarely leaving the garden. Fingers crossed we’ll find a loving home for them soon though!

So, that’s filled up a lot of my time lately. I’ve also spent many hours looking in to what makes a successful blog and also *cough* playingcandycrush*

Laters x


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