Second Post Musings

For my second post, I’m going down the tried and tested route of exercise.

I don’t like exercise. This is a fact… or I thought it was. After stupidly weighing myself at one of those godawful machines in Boots (other chemists are avaliable), I discovered that since being with my new beau I have gained exactly 1 stone. I am under no illusions that this is a substantial gain. It is, however, enough to make me feel incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin.

Being from the West Country, I drink a lot of Cider and have the tummy pouch to prove it. Over the years, this has come to resemble a small farmhouse loaf tucked under the skin, right on the front of my 5ft 3″ frame. So, to fix this, I’ve started exercising and GOD, does it hurt.

I’m currently doing 3 different 30 day challenges. These are: 30-day Arms (push-ups, planks and chair dips), 30-day Squats and 30-day Abs. I’m on Day 18 now and it has made a difference. I’ve lost roughly 5lbs in weight, an inch from my hips and an inch from my thighs. I’ve also gained a new apprecation for sitting down. Now, as I belive in doing things at full throttle, generally injuring myself in the process, I’m also using the Wii Fit for 30-40mins each day and have bought a weighted Hula Hoop.

Weighted Hula Hoops are the devil’s play thing. The bruises I had on my hips for the first few days were black. All the advice on the interent says to work through the pain. These people have clearly not used said Hoop.

Through tweeting about it, mostly to describe my crippled limbs, I’ve discovered others who are also doing 30-day challenges. All of us are relative novices to this exercise thing but we’re all pushing through in order to reach the solid abs on the other side.

I’m really optimistic that I’ll finish my current challenges and I’ve already picked out next months. It’s a delightful number called Beach Body Fit, which looks like it may kill me. But, Dammit, at least I’ll be going out with rock hard abs.


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